It is sometimes claimed that there is no scientific proof or long-term clinical experience concerning BCS implants, as opposed to screw implants. In fact it is just the other way around. Very few screw implants on the market today have been documented for more than three to five years. The dental industry is “innovating” (from the marketing point of view,- and unfortunately not from the scientific point of view) at such a fast pace that implants, once long-term results are finally available, will in all probability no longer be on the market because in the clinical reality it was found that they are technically obsolete. The amazing fact is, that so many different screw implant designs are on the world market: and each systems claims not to have the disadvantages of all other systems. And yet, after a few years, most systems have disappeared form the market. Basal implants have been used for more than 30 years and there is a lot of scientific evidence to them. Because they are so old, you may think that they are outdated, but in fact they are proven.